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Welcome to eCad Information Services

We provide precision paper to CAD conversion and drafting services. All drawings are precision redrafted by hand to create dimensionally accurate, layered, ready to use electronic CAD files.

Our CAD services are targeted to provide you with sophisticated computer aided drafting services, as well as an economical solution to your CAD drafting needs.

Our CAD drafting services are designed to position Ecad Information Services as the premier CAD drawing and CAD design solution for telecom, architectural, engineering drawings. All of our CAD services include redrafting your hardcopy documents to produce 100% manually drafted electronic CAD files.


Benefits of Remote CAD Working

Remote CAD working involves designers/engineers using cloud-based CAD software to perform the same work they would at company’s office. The job is no different to what they would do if the commuted every day – the worker just doesn’t to be in the office.  And there are plenty of benefits to this approach.


1.Save money from company. (electricity, computers, printer, etc…)

2.Safety for the employees, specially now in this corona virus issue.

3.Expand your talent pool, if you choose to go down the remote CAD working route, you can potentially increase your talent pool for staff significantly. Imagine you found the ideal CAD engineer for your next project but lives in the other site of the country – in most cases you’d not be able to hire him/her. But, with remote CAD working, the person could become a permanent member of your team without having to relocate.

Mac Desktop


Blueprint Design

CAD Digitalization

3D Modelling

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TSSR Documentation

We provide a wider range of CAD Digitization services for all your design development, building plans, construction documents, as-built drawings, architectural, Telecoms (OSP and GSM), mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural. Digitizing of all kind of maps parcel, topographic, contour, cadastral maps. Our CAD drafting experts will provide outputs which are fully compliant from our customer's standards (including linetypes, line weights, and usage of blocks) from submitted scan copy of your hand-drawn sketches, TIFF, JPG, etc.

eCad extends the 3D capabilities of Autocad, enhancing not only its solid modeling capabilities but the coordinate system (UCS), viewing and visualization commands as well.

We assist in doing TSSR (Technical Site Survey Report) Documentation for Telecommunication (using Autocad, Microsoft word and excel software). Client submitted scan copy of hand-drawn sketches coming from the surveyor and give all necessary info needed for the TSSR Documentation.




About Us

eCad is confident on our services that offer the high-quality CAD Services, CAD Customization and 3D Modeling with the most competitive prices you can depend upon.


We encourage you to take a look at our “website" and see for yourself. Our top priority is our customer service and satisfaction.

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